Do you wish your leather suite could look a lot newer again?  Is it looking as though it needs a really good clean?  All the general soiling sitting in the valleys of the leather grain that is hard to clean out on cream suites is causing it not to look so fresh as it was.  Or are there areas of colour damage such as scratches, scuffs, loss of colour along the seams, the odd tear?

It is not always necessary to dig deep into your pockets and buy a new suite just yet or for quite a while.  Interior Revival Co as ‘it says on the tin’ can clean, repair or restore your suite according to what you require and truly revive it. 

1.  It maybe giving that cream suite a really good professional clean that will get it back to looking ‘cream’ again!  After the clean, Protection Cream is applied all over the leather to help it be so much easier to clean next time and give some protection against staining and damage.

2.  If part of the leather surface is damaged with cracking, scuffs or scratches even the odd hole, then these types of damage can be invisibly repaired in most cases.  It can include cat scratches, pen marks or nail varnish remover spillage which are all common types of damage.  The damaged area is prepared by ensuring the surface is smooth again and a new colour is made up and applied to exactly match original.  These areas are then sealed with a high wear finish to the right sheen, again fitting in with the surrounding original.  There we have it, back to normal again.

3.  Perhaps the suite needs a new lease of life.  There are areas of colour loss and damage in various areas throughout the suite.  In this case multiple repairs may need to be carried out and large areas need to be recoloured such as whole cushion tops for example.  This is  a restoration.  This sort of thing can give your suite 5 years more life for example at 1/3 of the cost of a new suite so it can be well worth doing.  If it was felt that the money in some cases was better spent on a new one then that advice would be given.  We do want you to spend your money on the best option.

After any clean, repair or restoration it is wise to clean the leather at least once a year and apply Protection Cream every 3 months on the contact areas.  (The seating part of the suite where it is most used).  This helps the leather to last longer and resist wear which keeps your suite looking great.

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