Keeping Original Leather, No Need to Replace

Leather, if looked after, can last for years and years.  During its useful life it gathers history, becoming part of a story.  ‘The sofa that belonged to my Grandfather’; the Classic car that went out to South Africa and has been traced back to England again still with the original leather’.  These stories need preserving.  Modern cars and furniture need ongoing care too if we are going to keep them functioning and looking their best.

Damaged Leather

Sadly, along the way, leather can fade or become dry.  It gets damaged through wear, accidents, pests or deterioration. Some of this damage can happen when the leather is new, the new leather sofa, the modern leather car seat – scratches, colour loss, scuffs, holes, pet damage, or when it is a lot older – insect holes, drying out cracked, tears, and wearing away.

Leather Can Be Repaired

The good news is – leather repairs – even better news it can be repaired well, very well which is where Interior Revival Co comes in.  You may have seen a hole in leather that has some stitching in the leather to pull it together again, or a patch glued over or under the hole to cover it and stop it getting worse.  Areas of leather colour that don’t match.  Repairs that don’t last long and are disappointing.

Good Quality Leather Repairing

At Interior Revival Co we have worked hard to make happy customers by delivering strong invisible repairs, not guaranteed but indeed our greatest aim.  This takes the sting out of traditionally poor leather repairs that are disappointing and don’t last.  With our vast experience and specially selected products, we see it as our duty to give our customers a colour matched lasting leather repair that they can forget was ever damaged.

Repaired Leather Examples

Here are some examples of our work. The photos show what the leather was like before and then what it is like after.

Interior Revival Leather Repairs

Interior Revival Co specialise in:-

  • Cleaning leather
  • Leather repairs
  • Restoring leather

Your Leather Sofa, Your Classic Car

The leather we work on includes leather car interior, modern or classic; leather suites, sofas, chairs, including foot stools and dining chairs.  We have taken on some unusual projects too – Spitfire pilot seats, Trike seats, Boat seating.

How to ask about having your leather repaired

GET A QUOTEIf you have a car seat, a suite or something similar needing attention why not fill in our QUOTE request form and we will get back to you.  Having some photos of the item/s will be handy too.  These can’t be attached to the quote form but can be sent direct to