A third?  Yes, the cabin is about a third of the car. How often is it that you see a really pretty car, open the door and… what a shame!

We are specialists at putting that right. We clean, repair or restore the original interior to give it that fantastic look again. With techniques and a lot of experience over the years we have honed it down to 3 procedures that keep the interior looking good long term – the Deep Clean, Repairs when necessary plus overtime, when the car interior is ageing or worse for wear – Restoration.

Just like the outside of the car, the inside can be kept in tip top condition helping you to feel it is a real pleasure to be in. It also slows down wear and ageing and protects your investment. What is more it is the original looking great.

Often cleaning materials that you can obtain are either too mild and safe to do anything very much or too abrasive causing long term damage. Interior Revival Co have a system that lifts the dirt, stains and grease but doesn’t harm the leather, fabrics, carpets or plastics and the colours are often enhanced looking so much brighter and new.

With the added protection treatments they will stay like that so much longer too. You can choose your menu from just the seating or the whole cabin. We also offer a clean, colour restoration and sealing of cabriolet roofs which really tops it.

Just when you start to loose interest in your car because the interior is getting the odd bit of damage and you think it will never look so good again, take heart, something can be done. It can be repaired and in most cases looking virtually new. Our greatest aim and endeavour  is to effect an invisible, colour matched repair. We would be foolish to promise it, but depending on the original damage, this is what most of our customers finish up with. Then all is forgiven and the car has a new lease of life!

This is far beyond the normal “Smart’ repairs. Inetrior Revival specialises in the really serious makeovers where the original interior can still be restored without having a re-trim. The leather for instance, maybe badly cracked or dry and can be treated to greatly reduce the cracking and put flex back in the leather again too. In some cases part of an interior maybe better re-trimmed and this is can be blended in with the remaining original.

So from restoring the colour in a cabriolet roof to putting new life into the leather seating to getting rid of the luggage scratches in the boot just imagine how your car can look. Cars needing restoration are often 8 years old and older. Our oldest project so far was a 1926 Lea Francis earlier this year. As in this case, it maybe very important to the owner that the original is preserved be it because the car is a good sample or the original is preferred.