Leather Car Interior Revival

Leather Car
Interior Revival

Restoring your car to its former glory

One of the (many) reasons why you bought your vintage car is because of its character and history…as well as the fact that it’s your pride and joy, one that never ages.

A car’s interior can start to wear over time. Instead of leaving it to deplete and lose value, you can choose to restore its quality without compromising its character. That’s where Interior Revival come in.

Thanks to our expert techniques, high quality professional service and attention to detail, we can revive your vehicle’s interior to how it looked the day it was first built and retain its history and value.

The Gallery below shows just a few examples of leather restoration and recolouring.

We are the experts in making repairs and renovations that blend seamlessly into its original material and strive to always maintain a car’s original features. That’s why we are regularly recommended by prestige car dealers and car clubs including members of Jaguar, Alvis, Rolls-Royce and Bentley groups.

No matter what the vehicle, whether that be vintage, modern or aviation, the team at Interior Revival Co will deliver you a high-quality service every time, and if you’re thinking your vehicle’s interior is beyond repair, think again. We’re always up for a challenge, and will provide you with straightforward advice to ensure you receive the most cost-effective solution for your car seat restoration, vinyl and plastic repairs.

Our services can be provided at our workshop or at homes and work premises throughout Nottingham, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, and include:

  • Car seat repairs
  • Stitching repairs
  • Leather upholstery cleaning and interior valeting
  • Carpet cleaning and restoration
  • Re-colouring and re-dyeing leather
  • Leather restoration and preservation
  • Door card, dashboard and steering wheel restoration
  • Repairs to vinyl, plastics and velour
  • Classic car, vintage and modern interior restoration
  • Car Lease Pre Return Preparation

Whether its a vintage, prestige or modern car, we can restore your interior to its original glory and get rid of signs of everyday wear and tear – including cigarette and pet odour removal – and help your vehicle retain its value.

Check out a few more examples of what we can do below.

Car Interior Stain and Deodourising

We are not valeters, but with our special stain removal and deodorising skills for carpet, fabric and leather in properties, we can apply the same unique skills to vehicles of many different types.

It enables owners, dealers, restorers and body repair shop outfits to have access to a unique level of specialist interior problem solving cleans.

Examples of problems we can solve:

  • Dirty and stained seats, fabric or leather
  • Dirty and stained carpets
  • Dirty and stained plastics and vinyl
  • Milk Spillage and smell
  • Paint spillage
  • Vomit
  • Smell of Cigarettes
  • Smell of Canabis
  • Urine contamination
  • Bacteria / Mould / Viruses
  • Pet Odours

Here are some of the scenarios we have encountered:-

A car smelling very dank a few days after returning from a camping trip.  The customer thought it could have come from the seats after their clothing had got wet packing up the tent in the rain.  It was actually a ‘stagnant’ pond in the boot wheel well!  The water had drained from the wet tent and was festering nicely under the boot base!  We sucked it out and then treated the area with a microbic cleaner that killed the odour causing the bacteria.  Once this source of odour had been dealt with plus treating the rest of the car with an ozone generator to remove anything lingering in the rest of the car, it was fresh again.

A national body repair outfit needed to return a stolen car back to its owner after repairs.  They wanted to ensure the car is hygienically clean so that the customer could feel happy and confident the car was back to how it should be before it was stolen.  We have had many like this.  Some major on a hygiene clean, some to eradicate odours from cigarettes or canabis.  Just as a little add on to this – sometimes forensic finger print dust can be hard to get rid of both inside and outside the car and we are often asked to remove this as well. 

Another one of our customers had a tin of gloss paint explode inside his car during the hot summer.  Some of the seat covers had to be replaced but some areas of dry paint were removed from the others and the plastics that had been effected were recoated by us too.

Nicotine can be a difficult problem.  There are treatments such as smoke bombs that will cover it up for a while but it comes back again.  Really bad contaminations permanently damage the car interior and there is a limit to how much they can be rectified unfortunately, but one of our customers purchased a Range Rover considerably cheaper than list price because it smelt of cigarettes.  We needed to give it a deep clean throughout, dry it out and keep it over night to check it the next day.  We will often do this in these cases as a one hit, as good as our treatments and solutions are, sometimes does not eliminate it all in one go.  We may find that the odour has been reduced throughout except for one main source that might be a particularly bad part in the head lining for instance.  This is treated again until we are happy that any odour has been eliminated.  Our customer with the Range Rover had the full odour removal treatment and was still enjoying a massive saving in his purchase price.

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