Have you ever wondered if the interior of your Classic Car could be saved and preserved?  If it was possible to keep the old leather?  If the colour could be restored to it’s original?  If it was possible to stop it falling to pieces or gradually getting more weakening creases and cracks?  If the leather could be more flexible again?

This would keep the originality of the car on the inside as well as on the outside and be fully functioning.  It would look refreshed and looked after but still fit in with the car’s era.

At Interior Revival Co this is what we do.

Not re-trimmers but specialists in bringing the original interior back to life through deep cleaning, repair and restoration.  Not only leather, but fabrics – seats, headlining, door cards, fur flex, carpets, vinyls and hard plastics.  Cleaning is very clean but kind to what it is cleaning.  The aim of repairs is to make them invisible and restoration will colour match the leather or vinyl to the original tone. 

Colour fade, staining, abrasion, cracking, holes, tears can all be treated in many of the different materials used in the car interior.

We have many stories for the reasons customers have their car interiors restored.  It could be a show car and keeping the original interior just gives it that bonus.  It could be that the car belonged to a relation, a celebrity or has some particular history attached to it.  Keeping the original leather preserves that history.  It could be that our customer just prefers the old look rather than looking too new.  Whatever the reason, a number of interiors can be repaired or restored without getting rid of them.